Janine Ivy '18

Janine Ivy is a senior at Claremont McKenna College majoring in International Relations with a Sequence in Human Rights. She is focusing her research on the effect of French colonization on education systems in Africa.

Janine Ivy

Title:  "Neo-Colonization of the Mind:  The Effect of English in the ex-French Colonies of Algeria, Senegal, and Vietnam."

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Amy Wu '18

I'm interested in studying the economics of entrepreneurship and emerging economies in general, but my current research focuses specifically on entrepreneurial motivations and deterrents in the context of Central and Eastern European (CEE) post-socialist transition economies. I studied abroad in Hungary, where I met entrepreneurs who talked of turning conditions of constraint into market advantages, so I began to wonder how the transition context affects entrepreneurship. I am working primarily with the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) dataset, which has annual individual-level data on entrepreneurial behaviors and attitudes. 

Mathematics & Economics,

Sequence in Computer Science

Amy Wu

Title:  "The Cultural Legacy of Communism in Entrepreneurship:  Entrepreneurial Perceptions and Activity in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)."

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Seoyoon Choi '19

Seoyoon's fellowship research focuses on the domestic constraints on South Korea's foreign policy decisions, specifically with regard to the U.S.-ROK alliance. Her other research interests include democratization, party politics, and military-civil relations.  

International Relations and

Politics, Philosophy & Economics

Seoyoon Choi

Title:  "Two-Level Games for South Korea's National Security Decisions:  The Precarious Balance Between U.S. Alliance and South Korean Constituents."

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Ruiyang (Reyna)
Wang '19

This research project intends to identify and explain one reason behind the failure of diplomacy in the Six-Party Talks, and to closely follow the evolution of the North Korean nuclear crisis in the next few months.

Harrison Morris '20

Harry Morris is a Claremont McKenna College student class of 2020. He is pursuing a dual major in history and economics. Harry grew up in Alexandria Va, and has lived abroad in the UK. His interests include cycling, WWII, skateboarding, and fishing.

International Relations 

Marcia Yang '18

I argue societal variables not influenced by the economy are a better metric for determining happiness levels in Japan. I examine the social safety net and work culture to elucidate the complex factors that impact Japanese happiness.

Ruiyang "Reyna" Wang

Title:  "Balance of Resolve and The US-North Korea Nuclear Diplomacy"

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Harrison Morris

Title:  "The Security Implications of Drought:  Somalia's Complex Relationship with Climate Change and Conflict."

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Marcia Yang

Title:  Happiness in Post-WWII Japan:  A Temporal Analysis of Japanese Public's Happiness and Economic Policy

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