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Women In Security (WIS)

The new Women-in-Security (WIS) Workshop (jointly sponsored by CMC's Keck Center and Pomona College) has selected four outstanding 2021-2022 Fellows. Working with Professors Taw, Le, and Boduszynski, as well as security professionals and outside academics, the Fellows will spend the year learning about post-graduate academic and career opportunities, how to craft policy memos and op-eds, and strategies for navigating spaces in security policy and analysis in which women have been traditionally under-represented. Each Fellow will write an op-ed and conduct independent research on a security issue of their choice. The WIS Working Group's guest speaker events will be open to the broader 5C community. 

Women & Security Workshop

Jointly sponsored by CMC's Keck Center and Pomona College

has selected four outstanding 2021-2022 Fellows...

Congratulations to the first cohort of WIS Fellows:

Carley Barnhart, Yutong Niu, Erin Puckett, and Olivia Wee

Carley Barnhart - headshot.jpeg
Yutong Niu - headshot.jpeg
Erin Puckett - headshot_edited.jpg
Olivia Wee- headshot.jpeg

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Join us at our next WIS event:

ANARCHY EMERGENT Political Collapse & Non-Traditional Threats in the Shadow of Hierarchy.j
WIS Spkr - G. Park.jpg

 More events coming soon!

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