Thanks to a generous gift from Robert Y.C. Ho ’81, the Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies at Claremont McKenna College launched an International Journalism Lab in the fall of 2015. The Asia Experts Forum is the web publication of the lab. The mission of this innovative project is to train student journalists in basic reporting and interviewing skills and provide a better understanding of important contemporary Asia-related geopolitical, economic, and cultural issues in depth through interviews with leading experts, practitioners, and scholars on Asia. Each year the lab recruits six student journalists who take a course in international journalism and work with two faculty advisers in identifying newsworthy topics and potential interviewees, preparing for the interviews, and producing high-quality transcripts. The faculty director of the lab is Professor Minxin Pei. The associate faculty director is Professor Hilary Appel. The instructor of the international journalism course is Terril Jones, a graduate of Pomona College with more than three decades of professional experience with leading U.S. news organizations. Previous student journalists participating in the lab later interned at the Wall Street Journal and the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong and Reuters in Beijing.


The stipend for the year-long fellowship is $2,000.  Each fellow is expected to conduct six interviews for the Asia Experts Forum, which now has more than 100 interviews conducted by previous fellows with leading scholars, policy-makers, and experts on Asian politics, culture, economy, and society.  A call for application will be issued in February each year.  Applicants need to send a statement of interest, a resume, a copy his/her transcript, and names of two references.

Applications for 2021-22 International Journalism Fellowship are due Friday, March 5, 2021

Please send your documents to Geraldine Han:

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Meet the Team of 2021-22

Carley Barnhart - headshot.jpg

Carley Barnhart

Grace Hickey - headshot.jpg

Grace Hickey

Headhsot - I. Way.jpg

India Soranson Way

US-Asia Relations

US-Asia Relations

Politics in Asia

Headshot - J. Miller.jpg

Jessie Miller

Headshot - J. Becker.JPG

Jonathan Becker

Headshot - Jorlen Garcia.jpg

Jorlen Garcia

Tech, Business and Economics

Culture and Society

Culture and Society

Julia Schulman - headshot.jpg

Julia Schulman

Kaito Komoriya - headshot.jpeg

Kaito Komoriya

Evelyn Wang - Photo.jpg

Evelyn Wang

US-Asia Relations/Politics in Asia

Tech, Business and Economics

Politics in Asia

Meet the Team of 2020-21

Tallan Donine - headshot.jpg

Tallan Donine

Politics in Asia

Amari Huang - headshot.JPG

Amari Huang

Politics in Asia

Shanil Verjee - headshot.jpg

Shanil Verjee

Culture and Society

Ava Liao - headshot.jpg

Ava Liao

Culture and Society


Nohl Patterson

US-Asia Relations

Nandeeni Patel - headshot.jpg

Nandeeni Patel

Politics in Asia


Patrick Coe

Business and Economics

Qingyang Grace Wang - headshot.JPG

Qingyang "Grace" Wang

US-Asia Relations

The Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies will start accepting applications for its “International Journalism Lab” for 2019-2020.  The Lab will recruit up to eight “international journalism fellows,” who will take a required course (Gov. 141) in international journalism and contribute to a new online journal that focuses on the politics, economics, and culture of Asia.

With guidance from the faculty director of the lab, fellows will conduct interviews with leading policy analysts, experts and academics specializing on Asia and publish edited transcripts of the interviews on Asia Expert Forum (  Fellows are also encouraged to apply for summer internships with leading news

outlets in Asia.  The lab provides financial support for one internship.

Each fellow will receive a stipend of $2,000 for their full-year participation in the fellowship program.

The program is open to all CMC students who plan to be on campus for the full 2019-2020 academic year. Seniors are eligible to apply for the fellowship but will not be eligible to compete for the summer internship.  Applicants for this fellowship should send a resume, names of two faculty members who can serve as references, an unofficial transcript and a brief statement explaining his/her interest in this program to Ms. Geraldine Han at by Feb. 22, 2019.  Interviews will be conducted on Feb. 28 and March 1.  Successful applicants must pre-register for GOV 141 “The Politics and Craft of International Journalism” during the pre-registration period in April (they are guaranteed slots in the course). Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by March 8, 2019.