Senior Thesis Awards

Best Thesis 2020

Best Field Work 

"Industrial Policy for Regional Development in Lithuania.”

Guoda Terleckaite

Best Thesis in International Political Economy 

“Buying Influence? An Analysis of the Political and Economic Impacts of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in the European Union.”

Ethan Kable

Best Thesis in Comparative Politics  

“Nearly Halfway There: The Future of Hong Kong, China,

and One Country-Two Systems.”

Lery Hiciano

Best Thesis in Comparative Political Economy 

“The US-China Race for AI Leadership: Why Smart Industrial Policy can Make a Difference?”

Jenifer Hanki

Best Original Idea in an IR Thesis 

“Hong Kong Identity on the Rise: Understanding the Role of Subnational Identity in the 2019-2020 Hong Kong Protests”

Gemma Sykes